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This Is Old
Posted: March 7, 2021

Aging doesn’t have to be so serious. We spend our lives trying to figure out who we are and how we can be accepted by the masses while simultaneously standing out for our individuality. We are all so very different and yet we all share a very similar fear, getting old.

I think we fear being irrelevant, forgotten, and unrecognizable to ourselves in the mirror. All those things might be true. I’m not sure because despite what my kids say I’m not old yet. Right?

No matter really, because I’ve decided that my version of old is going to look something like this. My grandkids are going to love coming to Silly Granny Jilly’s house where they get to draw on the walls and build fairy houses in the garden and go on adventures in the trails and dance in rain way past their bedtime.

When I’m old I’ll lead with all the wild and woo woo things I keep hidden behind the curtain now because… why not.

Actually, may I do want to be old now. If I’m willing to let my true colours fly when I’m old, what’s stopping me from doing that now?

#wildandwoo #greyhairdontcare #sillygrannyjilly

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