WILD Algonquin Adventure


July 26 – 29, 2023
Wild Algonquin Adventure is an integrative backcountry experience (4 days in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada)

Group Coaching (1 pre-trip group orientation call + 2 post trip group sessions to integrate wild wisdom into day-to-day life)

Trip Includes:

1. Trip planning, how-to guide, pack list and the WILD Field Guide.

2. Tent accommodations

3. All food and drink

4. All camp shelter and cooking equipment

5. All park permits and fees

6. Health, hygiene and emergency supplies


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Gear you will need to bring/rent/buy: (Backpack 45L recommended, sleeping bag, sleep pad, personal items according to pack list) Gear Purchase: $350 or Rent: $100

Feel free to bring or borrow your own equipment (equipment list will be provided)

Programming: WILD Leadership teachings will be lived and taught as they unfold, no formal teaching sessions. Some WILD challenges may be executed throughout the weekend to ensure participants have the opportunity to put all teachings into practice.

Fire, sunrise, sunset and meal time “ceremonies” will connect participants to nature and to their inner wisdom. Ceremonies also help introduce simple ways to reconnect with self, nature and the universe regardless of where you are.

Route: The exact Trip Route details will be sent to your emergency contact, after your trip has begun. Route will not be shared with participants until we meet at the launch point.

(Lesson 1: Respect the journey by releasing control of it)

Rendezvous: We will meet up at the Algonquin Park Office in Kearney to get car permits, pack/repack gear, pick up equipment, and head to either launch point 3 or 4. We travel to Camp 1 on Day 1. On Day 2 we travel to Camp 2 and stay for 2 nights. On Day 4 we paddle out and depart.

Optional: Some participants have chosen to secure a hotel room in Huntsville for the evening of Day 4, depending on how far of a drive you have to get home.


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